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CAIRO-NEWS – I'm with pain agree with Minister Tambadoun Junglersin release

CAIRO-NEWS - I'm with pain agree with Minister Tambadoun Junglersin release

I need to go straight to the purpose: TRRC was arrange simply because we have been affected by an autocratic rule that was notorious for human rights violations. Junglers was the primary instrument of the offenses. Junglers have been probably the most infamous terrorists. Until now, each Gambian feared the clear and present danger to Junglers in the event that they weren’t closed. While Junglers must reply to justice, their government have to be seen to be in line with the thought, course of and function of the transitional justice course of.

The TRRC is the foremost institute on the forefront of transitional justice. a course of to ensure that fact is informed for granted of victims and the idea of justice. Subsequently, as long as the TRRC continues, it signifies that different investigations, arrests and prosecutions for human rights violations between 1994 and 2017 ought to be suspended till the Fact Commission is made. If they do, they need to help the TRRC process. It’s because the TRRC's entire concept is to uncover the reality concerning the Yaya Jammeh system as the first step in the direction of justice, redress and reconciliation. Subsequently, so long as the TRRC hearings proceed, we can’t concurrently arrest, arrest and prosecute individuals for his or her crimes whereas the identical crimes are being investigated by the TRRC.

In mild of this, no one should have been arrested. in the first place. As an alternative, everyone ought to be encouraged to speak the truth about expertise, assignments, and neglect. The TRRC Act states that it could even order anyone to testify, and refusing to testify or give false testimony for which an individual is liable is a felony offense. Subsequently, as long as one has not refused to provide or testify, it is troublesome to justify the arrest or detention of such an individual, no matter his or her crime.

From this viewpoint, I feel it’s true within the Department of Justice that these Junglers be released. Their release signifies that they will be stored outdoors the longer statutory most of 72 hours. Retaining them out of courtroom for longer than the constitutional deadline signifies that these individuals's rights are being violated. In that case, we might have succeeded in making the perpetrators victims as a result of their rights are being detained for a very long time with out trial. We should always keep away from such a violation repeatedly within the new Gambia. Human rights have to be a precedence, regardless of who is concerned. We will't do Junglers what they did to us. We just have to get them to face justice.

To the extent that the Junglers had indeed dedicated horrific crimes, it’s troublesome to justify their continued imprisonment until we will prove that they really pose an actual danger to society. Subsequently, when the authorities determine to maintain them in custody, the government intends to charge them, as a result of these individuals cannot be arrested indefinitely. However then the federal government can’t blame them whereas the TRRC course of is underway. At the finish of the truth-telling course of, we anticipate the TRRC to make suggestions to determine the destiny of all witnesses, including Junglers. If the TRRC beneficial prosecuting Junglers when the federal government had already prosecuted them, how can we deal with this? Keep in mind that a person cannot be charged twice for the same crime.

In one sense, it could possibly be argued that if the government had made a mistake, it will have arrested these Junglers within the first place. But then again, given the circumstances on the time, it may also be argued that it is sensible to arrest these Junglers immediately as a result of they are often thought-about "enemy fighters" given their nature and connection to Jammu. Secondly, and really importantly, the fact that they have been first arrested has managed to get some of them to testify.

The query now’s how lengthy they are going to be detained or prosecuted earlier than the TRRC decides. Definitely, since there’s a TRRC course of, it is senseless accountable them till the method is full. Secondly, provided that the present prison regulation, whether in the Structure or the Army Regulation, is just not favorable, it meant that the only answer would have been to create a new regulation to legalize and regularize the continued detention. But might the creation of such a new regulation be authorized and vital?

Often such a regulation is used in warfare in order that enemy fighters or prisoners of struggle might be arrested indefinitely. The Geneva Conventions provide for such circumstances of detention, but even there, prisoners of warfare have rights, including a good trial. But we aren’t in a state of conflict. Secondly, I do not consider that we should always enter the path of america of America the place they arrest individuals in Guantanamo indefinitely without trial and defend it by claiming to be enemy combatants. We’ve seen how america is underneath intense strain for such activities. The continued arrest of the Junglers seems to be the state of affairs in Guantanamo. This isn’t a sustainable place.

Part of the argument I don't buy is to say that by releasing these witnesses, Junglers also encourages others to return forward. Ismaila Jammeh's testimony clearly exhibits that not all detainees would testify less than those that have never been imprisoned. I feel some Junglers are more prepared to confront the firing squad than to witness or testify honestly. Subsequently, it’s important that the government seems to be for different methods to influence these Junglers to both testify or search their arrest and prosecution as soon as the TRRC has completed its work.

Although their arrest turned out to be actually helpful, given their testimonies up to now. Although Junglers has been holding them for nearly three years, it additionally poses a menace to society. We do not yet see any Junglers attack on the Gambia. As well as, the testimonies of Malick Jattan, Omar Oya Jallow and Amadou Badj have the truth is weakened and put extra strain on Junglers. In that case, the liberation of those Junglers is important and important to gaining extra fact and closure.

I feel we have to look extra intently on the authorities setting up all the required safeguards to ensure these Junglers will not be fleeing or inflicting something. more hazard to society when they’re released. But whilst they flee, we should remember that worldwide crimes haven’t any protected security, so that they go in this world wherever they go. In most elements of the world, they are arrested and returned to the Gambia or sentenced to that nation, as we see with Ousman Sonko in Switzerland. That is an obligation that worldwide regulation imposes on all nations on the earth. Subsequently, Junglers must finally face justice.

From another viewpoint, this extremely delicate problem signifies that the non-release of those Junglers signifies that the government must now justify why it shouldn’t arrest, arrest and prosecute Alagie Kanyi, Pa Senghore, JCB or other torturers of Alagie Martin and killers who are free at house and within the workplace once they have also been proven to commit international crimes. Though Junglers did certainly torture and kill many more individuals, those who additionally killed one individual cannot be excluded.

In conclusion, I feel that citizens have to do a whole lot of reflection and to research the entire how you can transfer ahead. We’ve got to simply accept that so long as the TRRC process continues, individuals can’t be arrested and charged for a similar crimes they confess to the TRRC. It’ll either cease the TRRC process and prosecute all perpetrators, or permit all offenders to testify without detention first, so that the TRRC will determine on the end of the day who shall be charged or pardoned within the type of different justice. However we will't have each processes going at the similar time.

In this case, I consider we should all rely on the TRRC to carry out in accordance with the very objective of the transitional authorized course of. In this respect, continued vigilance is required of citizens to ensure that when the TRRC makes its suggestions to the Gambian Authorities, these suggestions are carried out in a timely and complete manner. We must keep in mind that the Gambia's future is predicated on the TRRC process, so we should take a position that facilitates the telling of the truth and prevents the integrity and credibility of the method from being undermined. Fact commissions are mechanisms for bringing fact to not only justice but in addition to restore the rights and dignity of individuals and to assist reform and rebuild society after violent conflict or authoritarian rule.

Victims and different residents should have confidence within the TRRC and in the transitional justice process. The truth that we have now acquired such truthful testimony from a minimum of the first three Jungler ought to be a big achievement for justice and foreclosure. It is really a painful concept that these dying angels like Jungler might reside freely and brazenly in our society even for a brief time period when the victims cry and sorrow. But when we are conscious and appreciative of where our society comes from and what it needs to do to be higher and to ensure justice, we have now to rub our hearts and assume deeply to know that it’ll make many painful selections earlier than we reach our desired destination.

Within the mild of these points highlighted above, I want to agree with Minister Aboubacarr Tambadou that it’s the proper determination to release these Junglers now.

For the Gambia Homeland

…… ………………… ..

Madi Jobarteh


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