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If Trump's Rhetoric Caused El Paso Shootings, Obama's Rhetoric Caused Synagogue Shooting | The Jewish Press – | Jeff Dunetz | 11 Av 5779 – 11 Aug 2019

If Trump's Rhetoric Caused El Paso Shootings, Obama's Rhetoric Caused Synagogue Shooting | The Jewish Press - | Jeff Dunetz | 11 Av 5779 - 11 Aug 2019

Saturday was a horrible day in America. Two units of photographs. Thirty-one individuals died and over fifty have been injured. Liberals and mainstream media (sure, I know it’s unnecessary) shortly accused President Trump of his rhetoric and his followers of mass occupation. Perhaps probably the most hypocritical instance was the speech by former VP Joe Biden, who linked President Trump's interpretation of anti-Trump rhetoric directly to this weekend's capturing. If Biden really believes his message, he ought to put an end to the anti-Jewish anger spoken by President Barack Obama, for whom he worked.

Biden ought to be requested, "If President Trump's words provoke this week's shootings, shouldn't you blame Barack Obama's anti-Semitic words and act on recent synagogue guns in Pittsburgh and Poway?" The solely reply is sure!

In a meeting with a hand-picked record of Jewish leaders, Lee Rosenberg of the AIPAC challenged Obama's statement by comparing Iran's opponents with people who opposed the Iraq invasion because many anti-Semites declare that Bush was attacking Iraq. Obama explained that Netanyahu supported the Iraqi invasion (which is true). The former president omitted that Prime Minister at the time was Ariel Sharon. Sharon strongly urged Bush not to invade Iraq.

Obama also forgot to say that Vice President Joe Biden, both his secretaries of state, Kerry and Clinton, and his largest ally, Senate Minority Chief Harry Reid, backed all attacks on Iraq, attending Congress and now backing his misguided Iran deal.

He even doubled down accusing the Jewish state of numerous soldiers. In a speech at the USA University in August 2015, Obama once again tried to scapegoat the Jews, saying:

So this trade is just not only the best choice, this is the strongest ever NPT ever negotiated, and since it is so robust Except the Israeli Government, has expressed its help. "

Sure, Israel opposed trade, as did Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh, and most other Sunni Muslim nations fiercely opposed the JCPOA for worry that Shia Iran would use dolls to attack them. However Obama needed a scapegoat for the Jews, and the media was quiet.

Obama surrounded his first presidential campaign with anti-Semitism, like Basic Merrel McPeak. McPeak was Obama's 2008 co-president of the presidency, who continued his spectacular run by accusing our overseas policy of being "in the Jewish lobby." Maybe the perfect example of McPeak's anti-Semitism was when he was asked throughout an interview why we now have no peace. Center East. He replied, “New York City. Miami. We have now an excellent voice – we vote here for Israel. And no politician needs to run towards it. "(In other phrases, they annoy the Jews who control American politics in the Center East.)

Certainly one of his first presidential appointments was the anti-Semitic Chas Freeman, who blamed his resignation. The Evil Israeli Foyer (finer option to say Jewish Foyer). The truth is, Chas, it was much less than the evil Israeli foyer, much of it was the work of some Jewish bloggers – one named The Lid, who pointed out that you simply assume things like China have been too mild when counting Tiananmen Sq. demonstrations, Muslims discovered America and worse.

In 2015, a former speaker, Boehner, invited two world leaders to talk at a joint congressional session, each of which have been made alone with out first being checked on the White Home, and Obama criticized the invitation of Jewish leader Benjamin Netanyahu, and actually encouraged his democratic colleagues to boycott. although the White Home was not knowledgeable of the invitation before it was made, the speech of the late Pope Francis was celebrated. The Catholic invitation was not only criticized for visiting Jews. I'm not saying that Netanyahu's go to was criticized just because he is Jewish – simply to point out the very fact,

Obama denied Jewish ties to the State of Israel, which by the State Department's definition is anti-Semitic. In his 2009 Cairo speech, Obama stated that Israel was created simply because individuals felt responsible concerning the Holocaust.

America's robust ties to Israel are recognized. This dressing is unbreakable. It’s based mostly on cultural and historic ties and the popularity that the pursuit of Jewish homeland dates from a tragic, plain historical past. The Jewish individuals have been persecuted all over the world for hundreds of years, and anti-Semitism in Europe culminated in an unprecedented Holocaust. Tomorrow I might be visiting Buchenwald, part of a camp community where the Third Kingdom was enslaved, tortured, shot and gassed to dying by the Jews. Six million Jews have been killed – greater than all the Jewish inhabitants of Israel immediately.

Obama showed the world his respect for anti-Semitism. His first Presidential Medal of Honor was given by Bishop Desmond Tutu and Mary Robinson. The friendliest thing Bishop Desmond Tutu has ever stated concerning the Jews was "People are afraid to say wrong in this country [the US] because the Jewish lobby is powerful." He also stated that "the Jews believed they were in a monopoly with God. "

A well-known assistant, Mary Robinson, chaired the World Convention towards Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance, which turned an unbroken celebration of hatred towards Jews and Israel. The convention was so anti-Semitic that Secretary of State Colin Powell walked out.

One of many leaflets distributed on the Mary Robinson Conference

Obama has served as ally with Al Sharpton as president. was the chief of the Crown Heights anti-Semitism pogrom and incited Freddy's Trend Martin to bombard anti-Semitism in Harlem. He despatched his closest adviser, Valerie Jarrett, to host an anti-Semitic ISNA conference, which debated how essential Obama's aides are to "Israel," testifying to the "possession of the world" by the Jews and the "Holocaust" punishment of the Jews.

In 2010, Obama's National Safety Adviser, Basic Jim Jones, made an opening tackle on the Washington Institute for Center East Politics and commenced it with an anti-Semitic "joke", educating the gang. that the Jews are simply grasping retailers identical to Shakespeare's Shylock.

Obama appointed Chuck Hagel as his second Defense Minister, who believed within the miserable "global Jewish conspiracy." … the Jewish foyer scares lots of people here. "

Obama once referred to as Zbigniew Brzezinski jokuksi, whom I’ve discovered an enormous amount," and "one of the crucial vital scholars d thinkers. In 2007, Brzezinski educated the longer term president's overseas policy. Former nationwide security adviser to Jimmy Carter's anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist who believes the Jews ruling the US overseas policy and congress.

On anti-Semitic occupation of Wall Road, the president stated, "We are on their side."

On Friday afternoon, radical Islamists attacked the Paris kosher supermarket Hyper-Cacher (French Tremendous Kosher) just earlier than the assault. once they knew it was filled with Jews, Obama first claimed it was not anti-Semitism, and when world leaders gathered to march on Paris to protest the Charlie Hebdo capturing and anti-Semitism to the Hyper Cacher assault, Obama was yves in his absence.

Throughout his final presidency, Obama's Overseas Ministry condemned Israel. that folks can construct homes on land west of the Jordan River. However that's just part of the story. The property was legally bought in 2009 by Dr. Irving and Cherna Moskowitz of the US Presbyterian Church. It was owned by the Presbyterian Church. The Obama staff did not oppose the fact that homes have been being constructed at that time. If the houses have been for Christian or Muslim families, it might not have been the case.

As in so many different instances through the Obama administration, the declare was based mostly on the fact that Jews lived in those buildings. There’s nothing else on the planet to consider that the Obama administration opposed the legal buy of land or buildings and then the conversion of their legally purchased real property. – The Semitic BDS movement, but on the time of signing the bill, introduced that he wouldn’t implement anti-BDS laws.

Certainly one of Obama's latest acts as president abstained from a UN Security Council resolution. The Simon Weisenthal Middle referred to as this abstention probably the most anti-Semitic act of 2016:

"Abstaining from voting" by US President Barack Obama was, in reality, a laborious, unilateral decision defining, amongst other things, probably the most sacred decision of Judaism. "Occupied Palestinian Territory" and encourages nations to boycott Jewish-made goods in East Jerusalem and the West Financial institution. Don't make a mistake. This new resolution, developed to the information of the Obama administration and stated by some to cooperate secretly with it, is far worse and more harmful than the notorious United Nations resolution of 1975, "Zionism Equals Racism".

The record of Obama anti-Semitism can be much longer if examples have been added to the Obama administration's own definition of how anti-Israeli actions and statements could possibly be thought-about anti-Semitic. Obama's Jewish hatred also met this definition. However you get the thought.

NO YOU! Not as soon as in all those (and other) instances where Obama and his group appeared to cross the border into anti-Semitism, did the media ask Obama if he had a cope with the Jews. Not one of the mainstream media has once shown Obama's potential anti-Semitism. However they got here up with Trump's racism. and if Joe Biden believes that phrases create maniacs who need to kill individuals, why is he quiet with Obama?

Right here's the top, I don't assume Obama's anti-Semitic speech and / or actions motivated the capturing on the Pittsburgh or Poway Synagogue. the capturing. Nor do I consider that Bernie Sanders had anything to do with Rep Scalis capturing at GOP baseball or that Elizabeth Warren motivates Dayton capturing. And I really don’t consider within the liberal coverage that President Trump incited to this weekend's terrible massacres.

But when Liberal politicians, media leaders, and especially Joe Biden blame Trump's words for the Dayton and Ohio massacres, it's only authorized responsible Obama for the horrific synagogue shootings of current months.

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