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Letters To The Editor | The Jewish Press – | Our Readers | 20 Av 5779 – August 21, 2019

Letters To The Editor | The Jewish Press - | Our Readers | 20 Av 5779 – August 21, 2019

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Unvaccinated Youngsters: Rabbi Michoel Green Responds

Some readers misunderstood my point two weeks ago, so let me explain: I’m not an “anti-vaxxer.” Personally, I encourage vaccinations each time they are medically suggested. My op-ed was not an attack on vaccines, however moderately a rejection of the notion that an unvaccinated youngster may be banned from faculty.

Bodily autonomy is sacrosanct. We can’t coerce vaccination. Likewise, we can’t deprive a toddler of an schooling. Our communities are obligated to teach all youngsters with out exception. Statistical “public health risk” doesn’t exempt us from this two-millennia-previous requirement. Only actual incapacitating sickness does.

A toddler’s lack of immunity to infectious illness doesn’t excuse us from educating him. “Herd immunity” is just not a Jewish value and has zero foundation in halacha.

To a Torah instructor and group leader, it ought to be irrelevant whether or not mother and father have legitimate causes for not vaccinating. A toddler cannot be punished for his mother and father’ noncompliance with the state’s vaccine schedule. And but, shockingly, rabbinic management stands by idly whereas hundreds of Jewish youngsters are being wrongly disadvantaged of a Torah schooling.

A group that doesn’t educate all its youngsters is guilty of excommunication (Shulchan Aruch, Yoreh De’ah 245:7), and the onus of this communal obligation lies squarely on its rabbis. Yet, not only have rabbis uncared for these youngsters; some have abused their authority by trying to robust-arm mother and father into compliance. A rabbi has no business giving medical recommendation to anyone until he is a medical physician.

Halacha doesn’t allow us to quarantine or shun wholesome youngsters. Jewish faculties, subsequently, violated halacha by ousting healthy youngsters. As group leaders, rabbis are obligated to arrange their communities to open new faculties that may accommodate all Jewish youngsters.

The Holy Temple was destroyed as a result of youngsters have been barred from studying Torah for no legitimate purpose (Shabbos 119b). History is repeating itself in New York. Let’s fix this churban now.

Rabbi Michoel Green


The Fact About Vaccines

All the letters last week responding to Rabbi Green’s article on unvaccinated youngsters simply parroted what the media feeds the public.

I urge the authors of the letters and all who need to perceive this matter nicely to learn the scientific literature on it. Learn the small print of the security studies. Read books by respected docs and historians. One great ebook is Dissolving Illusions by Dr. Sussane Humphreys.

Another great useful resource to take a look at is the Plotkin deposition. Dr. Stanley Plotkin is the most important pro-vaccine professional. He is on the advisory board of most, if not all, vaccine manufacturers and was concerned in making many vaccines.

He really is aware of the within story and gave eight hours of testimony beneath oath (the case concerned a divorced couple, one among whom didn’t need their youngster vaccinated). There’s a great deal of info in it to digest and assume by means of. With an open thoughts, one will achieve fairly a little bit of clarity.

The scary half is that most people chew on the bait offered by the federal government and switch towards different individuals and finally themselves. Wake up! Start listening with an open thoughts and coronary heart. Your freedom, your health, and your life are at stake.

F. Shmidt
Brooklyn, NY


Unvaccinated Youngsters Ought to Be Barred (I)

As the director of a Chabad Home, Rabbi Michoel Green ought to know that the Lubavitcher Rebbe supported vaccinations even if it adversely affect a couple of sufferers.

Rav Akiva Eiger supported smallpox vaccines regardless that they posed a danger to at least one out of every 1,000 individuals – a far higher hazard than that posed by at this time’s vaccines.

No one can claim a spiritual medical exemption within the identify of Judaism. We’re permitted to use pig valves, ingest non-kosher drugs, and make use of all strategies to protect our health.

The rabbis who’re barring non-vaccinated youngsters from faculties are displaying true management. The answer? Residence-schooling. Let anti-vaxxer mother and father pay academics and rebbeim privately utilizing the schooling cash they save by not sending their youngsters to yeshivos.

I hope they are going to be trustworthy, although, and inform these personal instructors that they’re vulnerable to contracting illnesses that would have been – and will have been – eradicated.

Cindy Ziv


Unvaccinated Youngsters Should Be Barred (II)

I’m stunned The Jewish Press would print the op-ed, “Stop Punishing Unvaccinated Children,” by Rabbi Michoel Green. The rabbi doesn’t mention measles, however there was a measles outbreak in New York Metropolis, and most people who acquired this harmful illness have been unvaccinated youngsters.

I don’t see why any mum or dad would not need to vaccinate his or her youngsters. Derech eretz comes at the start, even the Torah. Permitting youngsters who will not be immunized in faculties places other youngsters in danger.

Seth Lapin, D.O.
Brooklyn, NY


The Democrats Have Gone Off the Rails

The Democrats have been simply examined and, by their defense of Tlaib and Omar, confirmed that they are utterly unhinged and “Corbynized.” There’s nothing left within the Democratic Get together that a Jew with seichel can help.

A Trump victory unfortunately could be an existential necessity relatively than a luxurious.

David Rothschild


Tlaib Performed the Democratic Social gathering Perfectly

Sadly for each Israel and President Trump, Rashida Tlaib has proven to be a masterful tactician in getting primarily the complete Democratic management to help her and her anti-Israel agenda.

Rashida Tlaib has performed a masterful recreation. The query now’s whether or not she has unified her social gathering towards Israel or divided it prior to the presidential election.

Nelson Marans
New York, NY


By no means Overlook Gush Katif

Avrohom Shmuel Lewin’s article final week on the Disengagement is a vital learn and a reminder of the destruction of the lives of eight,500 Gush Katif Jews 14 years in the past this week.

Though a lot of the evacuees have been capable of rebuild, some still stay in the trailers the government gave them after letting them successfully stay homeless for a lot of months. The worth of human struggling on this failed “experiment” cannot be measured.

The Gush Katif expulsion was led by Main Basic Gershon Hacohen who as we speak says, “No one in his right mind in Israel will now agree to a disengagement from Judea and Samaria except for a few left-wing radicals.”

But, the “two state solution” – based mostly on give up of most of Judea and Samaria – continues to be touted. The U.S. Congress lately overwhelmingly handed an anti-BDS bill (H. Res. 246) that was extensively applauded. Nevertheless, in it was language calling for a “two state solution.”

Twenty-one Knesset members sent a letter to Congress arguing that the two-state answer is “far more dangerous” than the BDS motion. With which terrorist entity, in any case, would Israel share its land? With Hamas? Hezbollah? Fatah? Iran?

The expulsion from Gush Katif was not solely an amazing mistake; it was an incredible human tragedy. Never again should any Jewish group be expelled from its land, especially not as part of a pilot “peace” program.

Helen Freedman
Co-Government Director, AFSI


Kudos to Israel for Barring Tlaib and Omar

Barring Reps. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib from getting into Israel, is one of the best thing Israel might have finished, and President Trump must be recommended for suggesting it.

Ben Shapiro contends it was a mistake on Israel’s half; he argues it painted Israel as illiberal of dissent. But allowing Omar’s and Tlaib’s obvious rabid hatred of Jews to go unchecked only serves to unfold more hatred. The only message Israel despatched by its determination is that it’s illiberal of those who want to hurt it. Nicely, it’s about time.

The hateful speech coming from these two congresswomen isn’t that far removed from the despicable anti-Israel tirades from PLO and Hamas leaders. Israel does not have a problem with dissent; it has an issue with Trojan horses.

You’d assume that Muslims in Congress would use no matter influence they could have on Palestinians to promote peace. As an alternative, Omar and Tlaib have executed nothing but add gasoline to the hearth. They’ve delivered to Washington the type of Center East anti-Semitism and libels towards Israel that may have been unthinkable to listen to from a member of Congress only a decade ago.

Their sort of hateful speech has been the impetus for much lethal violence prior to now and shouldn’t be coated by freedom of speech. It’s appalling that Congress permits such evil to fester in its midst.

Josh Greenberger
Brooklyn, NY


How Much Does Tlaib Love Her Grandmother?

Golda Meir famously stated, “Peace will come when the Arabs love their children more than they hate us.” Now after being given permission by Israel to go to her grandmother in the West Financial institution, Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib is refusing to make the trip to make a political level towards Israel. It appears that evidently Tlaib hates Israel greater than she loves her grandmother.

Arthur Horn
Fort Lee, NJ


On That ‘Fredo’ Nickname

CNN Commentator Chris Cuomo is just too skinny-skinned about being referred to as Fredo. Let’s put things in perspective. His Italian American grandparents, like tens of millions of different Italian immigrants, needed to cope with discrimination within the job market, housing, medical care, larger schooling and more. And President Trump puts up with far worse each day.

His brother Andrew has been much more successful than Chris, having served as Secretary for Housing and City Improvement, New York’s lawyer basic, and New York’s governor. All Chris has is his low-scores TV show.

As Don Corleone stated in The Godfather to Johnny Fontane (accompanied by a slap to his face), who was lamenting his lack of ability to get the leading position in a film that might bounce begin his failing career: “Stop crying like a baby and stand up like a man.”

Larry Penner
Great Neck, NY